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Homeownership is usually associated with certain duties and obligations, yet what many don’t realize is that plumbing-related emergencies are the cause of numerous home repairs. Consequently, we strongly advise taking immediate action in such circumstances to dodge costly repair expenses caused by water damage. Furniture, walls, and floors can suffer long-term damage if left unchecked, not to mention the costly repairs that come along with it. Don’t wait any longer. Be informed now and stay prepared so you can have peace of mind in these moments! Today Five Star Cincinnati Plumbing is providing timely advice about how to handle plumbing emergencies quickly and effectively. 

Are You Ready to Handle an Unexpected Plumbing Emergency?   

Stay Calm

Don’t let plumbing issues overwhelm you in the moment. Take a moment to assess the larger perspective. It’s essential that decisions are made without haste or panic, so remaining calm and clear-minded while considering your options before taking action is beneficial. With an informed stance, you can tackle any plumbing emergencies calmly. 

Keep a Stockpile of Old Towels, Rags, & Buckets Ready

Although this may seem like a small tip, it can be immensely beneficial in the event of an unexpected plumbing emergency! Collect all your old towels, rags, and extra buckets and store them someplace you can easily access them. With these supplies close on hand, if plumbing problems occur, then you’ll have what you need for swift cleanup and damage control. 

Know Where Your Main Water Supply Is

Ensure that all age-appropriate family members are conscious of where your main water supply is. They also need to know how to switch it off as well. When you’re in a plumbing crisis, precious minutes can be wasted if you don’t know exactly where to go. Taking the initiative now to know where it is and how to shut it off accordingly will save you time and energy down the line. So, make sure everyone that is of age knows where your home’s main water shutoff valve is! 

Contact a Licensed Plumber

Don’t waste your valuable hours and energy attempting to fix a plumbing problem yourself if you do not possess the required license. Instead, take speedy action by reaching out to a licensed plumber as soon as possible. If you are in need of a local plumber you can rely on, give us a chance; we’d be ecstatic to provide you with our five-star service! 

When Unforeseen Plumbing Emergencies Occur, What Steps Should You Take?     

When plumbing disasters occur, homeowners should take these steps to protect their homes: 

Shut Off the Water Supply         

In case of a plumbing emergency, it is paramount to promptly locate and turn off the water source. For example, if your toilet has sprung a leak, go behind it and find its designated valve – usually in the shape of a football with knob-like features – then rotate the knob clockwise until it is tight to stop all running water. If you are faced with a faulty faucet, the solution is quite easy; simply seek out its individual shutoff valve directly beneath your sink and turn it to the right. If, for any reason, this fails to work, switch off your home’s main water supply as we discussed earlier – but be aware that all running water in your house will cease when doing so! 

Check Out Your Electrical Appliances and Outlets     

To stave off further destruction, it is essential to check your appliances and outlets if a flooding or standing water situation arises. If so, turn off the main circuit breaker and unplug all electronic devices exposed to floodwater for maximum protection. Taking these steps swiftly can help in preventing hazardous situations from escalating before they become worse. 

Clean Up Any Excess Water Accordingly 

Acting quickly is the most important thing when it comes to water damage. Use towels, rags, or a. mop to dry out standing water and minimize further harm. (You’ll be grateful that you kept those extra towels, rags, and buckets on hand!) Furthermore, utilizing an electric fan will make this process even more efficient. Taking these proactive steps can help you stay on top of the situation and may be beneficial for your plumber as they’ll have a clear area in which to assess the issue properly upon their arrival. 

Don’t let plumbing problems take you by surprise! Our goal is to make sure that any future plumbing emergencies don’t leave you feeling helpless and overwhelmed. And if things ever get too tough, you can always contact Five Star Cincinnati Plumbing without delay. We’ll be ready to help and find a solution quickly! Call us today at (513) 204-9944, or schedule an appointment online now by clicking here!