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Focusing on Gas Water Heaters in Southern Ohio

While electric water heaters are favored among homeowners in most settings, gas water heaters are also earning popularity. Our water heater experts at Five Star Cincinnati Plumbing are here to tell you why. Because natural gas and propane can be used to power other home appliances (such as stoves, ovens, dryers, washers, and more) using it to heat water can be a great choice. It is very affordable because natural gas and propane cost less than electricity. Because of this, many of our customers prefer gas water heating systems. As an added bonus, gas water heaters heat up water faster than electric water heaters.

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Understanding Gas Water Heaters 

Gas water heaters operate using convection. Convection is a law in physics that controls how heat ascends. Inside a gas water heater, cold water goes into the tank via a water line that keeps the tank reloaded. Gas burners are found underneath the water tank. They heat cold water from the bottom of the tank as it is brought in from the water supply line.

After this water is warmed to satisfaction, it flows into the tank and is pulled out for use in the home or building by the hot water outlet line. Because of this, your hot water heater is able to furnish you with hot water whenever you require it. Because it has to funnel off the hottest water at the top of the tank, the hot water outlet pipe is shorter than the dip tube.

On the sides of the water heater, there is a check valve, overflow tube, relief valve, air inlet hood, and gas shutoff valve installed. These components control the gas burner, which heats the cold water as it comes in. Hot water heaters also include a thermostat, which measures the temperature of the water inside the tank and turns the burner on and off to keep the set water temperature.

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4 Benefits of Gas Water Heaters

Condensing Water Heaters

You can choose from a wide range of energy-efficient options for water heaters if you’re looking to install a gas hot water heater in your home or business. Because gas hot water heaters use combustion, they give off exhaust that needs to be vented safely to the outside. Condensing heaters are created for homes with storage tanks larger than 55 gallons. In a condensing water heating system, a draft-induced fan pushes air and fuel into a sealed combustion chamber inside the tank. As the fuel burns, the exhaust is vented outside through a secondary heat exchanger — a coiled steel tube submerged inside the tank.

Gas Heats Up Quickly

Gas-powered water heaters are usually twice as fast as electric water heaters. Gas water heaters also recover much faster than electric ones. Because of this, they ensure that the hot water is refilled immediately. A gas heater is a preferable alternative for a large organization or family or if you have a high demand for the heated water.

Flow Rates in Gas Water Heaters

With on-demand water heaters, gas outperforms electric when it comes to flow rates. Tankless water heaters are an alternative to traditional storage-tank water heaters. These hot water systems take up much space and can leave you without hot water when the tank’s supply runs out. On-demand water heaters provide a more steady supply of water. Because you are heating water on-demand, tankless gas water heaters are more effective than electric heaters. They also provide more GPM of hot water. A tankless gas water heater is ideal for providing hot water to an entire home.

Natural Gas

Natural gas comes with many advantages, including lower cost and greater convenience. Additionally, natural gas is much more reliable. If the power goes out, the gas supply is unaffected and you don’t lose hot water. Gas water heaters also heat up water faster than electric. On the other hand, some gas water heaters use a pilot light to start. This increases the overall operating costs. Purchasing a gas water heater that does not use a pilot light is the most cost-effective option for this reason.

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Water Heater FAQ

Why is my water heater leaking?

Leaks from the bottom of a residential or commercial water heater require repairs or in the worst-case scenario a replacement. Usually, it’s either a drain valve or the water tank that’s causing the water heater to leak. Drain valves normally need to be tightened. Nevertheless, if the water tank has a leak, the entire system needs to be replaced. When this is the issue, replacements can be expensive. Don’t get charged too much by a second-rate repair person or a handyman who’s not adept at water heaters plumbing. Call Five Star Cincinnati Plumbing so we can make your water heater repairs the right way, right away, and give you money savings alongside peace of mind.

Why don't I have hot water?

If you’re troubleshooting a gas water heater that’s failing to produce hot water, make sure you have enough gas. Our experts can help you determine if there are obstructions in the gas main or the gas deficit, or blockage. If hot water suddenly stops unexpectedly and the water coming out is cold, the unit’s tank capacity might have been exhausted. Wait for the heater to recover if this is the case. If it still isn’t heating your water after waiting a while, call us right away!

How long should a water heater last?

In a perfect world, our residential water heaters would last a lifetime; however, that isn’t the case in the real world. On average, a typical water heater should last anywhere from 6 to 13 years. Keep in mind that the longevity of your water heater depends on the care and maintenance performed. Our experts suggest having a scheduled annual draining and flushing.

We Install Gas Water Heaters in Cincinnati, OH

Are you looking to install a gas water heater? If so, you’re in the right place! We at Five Star Cincinnati Plumbing offer all types of gas water heater services, including residential and commercial gas water heater installation, gas water heater repair, and gas water heater maintenance and gas water heater replacement. Our water heater experts at Five Star install all the top brands of water heaters, including names like Amana, Navien, Rheem and Bradford White!

The first thing to consider before installing a gas water heater in your home or business is whether you have the availability of natural gas or propane and whether your home or building is set up for gas appliances. Additionally, it is essential to work with a plumbing expert like us. To make sure you get the best services possible, you should trust the local water heater experts at Five Star Cincinnati Plumbing to help you choose the best gas water heater for your home or building.

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