Everything You Need to Know to Protect Your Pet & Your Plumbing System

May 1, 2024 | Pets, Blockage, Clog, Drain, Drain Screen, Maintenance, Pet Safety, Plumbing Safety, Plumbing System, Prevantative Care

Happy National Pet Month! Your pets are like your family members. But, being a pet owner, you’re probably aware that having a pet requires regular upkeep. And let’s be real here – even pets that are “low-maintenance” still need some attention to keep your house in order. Something that often flies under the radar is how our adorable, furry buddies can affect our plumbing systems. Come hang out with your favorite Five Star Cincinnati Plumbing experts as we dive into pet safety and how it relates to your plumbing system. 

Think About Pet Grooming   

Keeping your pets and home clean and free from pesky parasites like ticks and fleas means regular grooming is a must. But did you know that grooming your furry friends can actually be tough on your plumbing?  

Baths: Do you bathe your pet yourself at home? It’s a great way to keep them smelling fresh and their coat shiny on the regular. Here are some tips to make sure bath time doesn’t turn into a plumbing disaster. 

  1. Want to make bath time with your pet a breeze? Try installing a hand-held showerhead if you don’t have one already. Or, for those warm months, an outdoor pet bathtub could be a game changer.  
  1. Tired of fur clogging up your drains? Pop a drain screen over your tub or shower drain. Plus, it’s a handy little tool you’ll want to use all the time to keep your drains from clogging. 

Brushing: Brushing your pets at least twice a week can really cut down on all that hair piling up around the house, and even in your plumbing. Find a brush that’s just right for your pet’s type of hair and try to do the grooming outside if you can. 

Think About Pet Food & Pet Waste Disposal   

Pet Food: You should never flush dry pet food (kibble) down your kitchen sink or garbage disposal. Why? Because it expands when wet, and trust us, you don’t want the clog chaos that it can cause in your pipes. On top of that, once it dries, it hardens and creates an even bigger mess. So, the best thing to do is just toss old pet food in the trash bin. 

Kitty Litter: Dealing with pet waste comes with the territory of having a pet. But the way you toss it out really matters for your plumbing. Some folks think flushing kitty litter down the toilet is a clever move, but really, it’s just the opposite. Most kitty litters don’t dissolve in water, which can lead to some serious clogs over time. 

Even if you see kitty litter labeled as “flushable,” don’t toss it in your toilet if you care about your pipes. This is because, even though this kind of litter breaks down eventually, it takes forever. Meanwhile, it’ll just clog up your system with clumps that haven’t dissolved yet. Honestly, it’s just not worth the headache or the potential damage to your plumbing system. 

Think About Pet & Plumbing Safety Tips   

Pets & Digging: Pets, especially dogs, often feel the urge to dig. It’s usually no big deal when they’re doing it in the yard, but if they start digging near your house’s foundation or buried pipes, you could be looking at some serious plumbing issues. Not to mention, it could be risky in terms of safety for your furry friend. 

Pets & Toilet Water: If you’ve ever had your pet drink out of the toilet bowl, you might’ve laughed it off before (even if it’s kind of gross), but did you know it is a potential health hazard to your pet? Yep, all those things like toilet tabs, bowl stamps, rim hangers, and chemical cleaners that you use to keep your toilets sparkling can be pretty bad news for their health if they are drinking out of the toilet bowl and ingesting it. They’re packed with harmful chemicals. So, it would be best to keep the toilet lid down and think about getting a child lock if your pet keeps going back for more. 

Taking care of a pet means juggling a bunch of responsibilities, and keeping your home and plumbing system in shape is definitely one of them. However, with a bit of care and some smart moves, you can dodge those expensive repairs AND keep your pet safe! 

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