Five Star Cincinnati Plumbing knows how challenging it can be for homeowners to keep up with everything in their homes. We also understand how important it is to practice preventative maintenance because preparing the plumbing in your home for the upcoming winter will make all the difference when the colder season finally rolls around. We know. It is still fall. And though we want you to thoroughly enjoy the fall season and everything else it entails, the best way to set your plumbing up for success is by proactively working now while the weather is optimal. This season’s weather conditions should be used to your advantage. Because as you know, Ohio’s winters can be a tad relentless, so you don’t want to put something off that can turn into a larger issue later on in the dead of winter. Here is a checklist for fall plumbing maintenance ideas to assist you in getting your plumbing work fall and winter ready!  


  • Checklist Idea #1: Is Your Water Hose Put Up For the Season? Let’s bring it outside first off. Don’t neglect those garden hoses! Garden hoses often get overlooked when homeowners gather up their previously used other lawn tools and store them up for the winter. But take note, if a hose is left outdoors in the colder temperature, water inside the hose may freeze, and it will expand, which could cause further plumbing problems as it will remain attached to the outdoor fixtures and faucets.  
  • Checklist Idea #2: Are Your Gutters Free of Leaves & Debris? Secondly, take a moment to consider your gutters! In the fall time, fall foliage is in abundance outdoors. And although they are pretty to lay eyes on, they build up into not-so-pretty piles of sludge inside your gutters. Additionally, not when dried leaves and other outdoor debris accumulate, they will build up into a dam-like formation causing overflowing gutters, and can often result in unpleasant smells. For this reason, we highly suggest having your gutters cleaned out at least once this fall season.  
  • Checklist Idea #3: Do Any Of Your Faucets Need To Be Tightened or Sealed? Now on to the indoors – time to think about your faucets! It’s essential not to ignore any dripping faucets or leaks. Although it may seem like such a minor issue, leaks and drips like these can develop into bigger plumbing problems down the road. You definitely do not want a plumbing disaster to occur in the winter, making it harder for a plumber to assess and fix the problem. In addition, when the temperature drops below freezing, it allows for water to freeze and expand, so if anything is going awry with your plumbing during the winter, it can be difficult to rectify. Again, this is why preventative maintenance is key!   
  • Checklist Idea #4: Do Your Pipes Need Insulation? Have you ever heard of pipe insulation? Regions that experience frigid winters are prone to pipes bursting. So, pipe insulation is a great way to prevent this from happening. If your home contains pipes or plumbing fixtures in an unheated area, then it would be wise to grab a pipe insulation kit from your local home improvement store and wrap your exposed pipes in insulation before the winter truly sets in.   
  • Checklist Idea #5: Does Your Water Heater Still Need to Be Serviced This Year? Amidst the colder months, your water heater will operate even harder to combat the cool temperatures. Per industry standards, it is recommended that your water heater should be serviced once a year at the minimum. Thus, if you have not had your water heater serviced in the recent year. If you can’t quite remember the last time your water heater was serviced, this is a good indicator that you should have your water heater serviced soon. A licensed plumber will thoroughly inspect your water heater to confirm it is functioning properly. Trust us; you enjoy a freezing-cold shower mid-winter due to a malfunctioning water heater – especially when it could have been avoided with simple routine maintenance.  
  • Checklist Idea #6: Does Your Sump Pump Need To Be Cleaned This Year? Sump pumps are helpful components of your home’s plumbing. Therefore, it’s important to inspect and clean your sump pump frequently. Unfortunately, sump pumps can freeze in the wintertime, so it’s best to act now and set your sump pump up to function at its highest capacity during the coldest months of the year.  

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