Mar 1, 2023 | Cincinnati, Faucet, Leak, Seasonal Change, Shutoff Valve, Sink, Spring, Sprinkler, Sump Pump, Toilet, Transition, Water Hose

As the warmer days of early spring are fast approaching, now is the ideal time to get your plumbing system prepped for this new season. Not sure how? Don’t fret! Five Star Cincinnati Plumbing has pieced together this guide full of helpful tips that will have you on track in no time. With these techniques, you can rest assured knowing your home won’t miss a beat as we transition into this beautiful new season. Get ahead of the game today and prepare yourself for an enjoyable, stress-free journey through springtime! 


  1. CHECK THE FAUCETS & SINK: As you transition into the new season, it is essential to inspect your sink and faucets. We actually suggest doing this every several months (preferably each season) for optimal conditions. Even if everything looks fine on the outside, do not forget to check for leaks around and beneath the sink, as minor issues can add up over time! By thoroughly inspecting these components prior to moving into a different season, you will be setting up your plumbing system for success. 
  1. CHECK THE TOILETS: Don’t let a leaking toilet catch you by surprise! Unchecked, it can lead to costly and inconvenient repairs for your home. If there is water accumulating near the base of your toilet or if it appears to be running constantly, then you likely have an issue with a leaky tank. To protect yourself and save money in the long run, take action immediately so this minor problem doesn’t become something much more complex down the line! 
  1. CHECK THE OUTDOOR FAUCETS: As the blistering winter weather subsides, now is the ideal time to guarantee your outdoor faucets are all set for spring and summer. When you turn them on, don’t be alarmed if they emit gurgling or popping noises followed by rushing water; this is completely ordinary! Wait until a steady stream of water runs before turning off the tap; then, wait an additional minute to ensure that there aren’t any leaks or dripping occurring. 
  1. CHECK THE WATER HOSES: As the weather warms up, you will want to make sure your water hoses are reconnected to their exterior spigots. During cold temperatures, they tend to shrink in size; however, with an increase in temperature, they expand again. Consequently, it is prudent that when you take them out to reattach them again, you perform a thorough inspection for any signs of weakened performance. For instance, be vigilant for visible cracks or extreme wear and tear on the hose itself. If you happen to spot any sort of damage, then replacing the hose in advance before connecting with exterior fixtures is certainly advised. 
  1. CHECK THE SUMP PUMP: Now is the perfect occasion to provide your sump pump with the necessary attention. Sump pumps should be cleaned every 3-4 months to keep them running in the best possible condition. So, now is the best time to clean it out before heading full force into the warmer months. 
  1. CHECK THE MAIN WATER VALVE: Now is also the ideal time to inspect your main water shutoff valve if you don’t know when it was last checked. Rotate the shutoff valve clockwise until completely closed, then wait a minute before turning it counterclockwise to open it again. Make sure all valves are fully secured and ready for use! Struggling to operate this fixture? Then this is a good indication that it’s time for an upgrade! Unexpected problems with your plumbing system can arise at any moment, and you need swift access to the water shutoff valve. So, if you don’t want complications getting in the way of solving your issue, a new and improved fixture will help you take control.  

Spring cleaning is the perfect time to make sure your plumbing system doesn’t suffer any future problems. Taking a few extra precautions now will save you lots of money and trouble in the long run. Plus, our team of experienced professionals is always just a call away if anything does go wrong. So, call Five Star Cincinnati Plumbing today at (513) 204-9944, or schedule an appointment online now by clicking here