When Is the Best Time to Get Your Water Heater Flushed?  

Mar 15, 2024 | Spring, Annual, Buildup, Cincinnati, Flush, Minerals, Ohio, Plumbing, Plumbing System, Sediment, Tank, Water Heater

When was the last time you had your water heater flushed? Did you know that when you practice preventative maintenance, you are setting up your water heater and plumbing system to perform their job at the highest capacity? Your water heater works hard silently in the background, providing you with a steady supply of hot water for your daily usage – all at your whim and convenience. As such, it makes perfect sense that its maintenance should be prioritized.  

This means including the often-forgotten task of having it flushed regularly. But when exactly is the best time to do it and how often should it be done? These are all good questions! Come along with us as we go into the details of water heater flushing and the best time for this maintenance task to be performed. As always, as your local Five Star Cincinnati Plumbing experts, our aim is to equip you with the information you need to keep your home and plumbing system in top-notch shape.    

Know Why You Need Your Water Heater Flushed 

Before we discuss WHEN to have it flushed, it will help you to understand WHY it needs to be flushed. Throughout the year, as you continue to use your water heater, sediment and minerals naturally build up in the tank. This buildup forms into hardened matter called sediment. It accumulates and forms along the sides of the inner tank as well as at the bottom of it. When the sediment builds up, it acts as an unwelcome barrier that obstructs and diminishes the efficiency of the water heater. When this occurs, it can lead to damage to your water heater. Therefore, by staying proactive and frequently flushing your water heater, the mineral deposits don’t stand a chance and are eliminated, thus enabling the water heater to keep performing its job. 

Know When You Need Your Water Heater Flushed 

Now that we know why it needs to be done, we can move onto the question at hand– when it needs to be done.  

While it is widely recommended to flush your water heater twice a year – once in spring and once in fall, we understand that the usage and water type vary from home to home. You can adjust how often you get this service done based on your heater’s performance and your own personal usage. But it is highly suggested that you have this service performed at least one time annually. In general, this service should be done when hot water demand is at its lowest, which is why we suggest doing so during the spring or fall seasons. So, if you suspect your water heater needs is due for a flush, now is the best time to have one scheduled! 

Know the Tell-Tale Signs 

Additionally, even when you keep up with your regular maintenance checks and water heater flushes, you should also stay on top of watching out for signs that your water heater may need a tank flushing in between the regular services. These signals to look out for are irregular noises, reduced hot water supply or discolored water coming out of the faucets. These signs indicate there may be sediment buildup within the tank. If this happens, it would be best to reach out to a professional plumber as soon as you can! 

When you take care of your water heater, it can continue taking care of you. Don’t be overwhelmed with the thought of your plumbing maintenance. You can take charge of your home’s upkeep by understanding exactly what your plumbing system needs. When you prioritize preventative maintenance, you set your home and plumbing system up for success. Want more plumbing system maintenance tips? Feel free to check out the rest of our blogs! 

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